By The Numbers

This is probably the last post for the blog.  I thought it would be neat to look at some numbers from the trip, at least for the numbers geeks out there.

321,762	Attendance, Total	10 Games, CLE not listed because of rainout
41,820 	Crowd, Largest		MIL - 8/12
19,376 	Crowd, Smallest		BAL - 8/6
3820	Miles Driven, Total	Downingtown to Downingtown, via BAL, PIT, CIN, CHC, MIN, STL, MIL, CWS, CLE, DET, PIT
2854	Pitches Thrown, Total	
1489	Pitches Thrown, Home Team	
1365	Pitches Thrown, Visitor	
673	At Bats, Total	
600	Highest Career HR Hit	Jim Thome
560	Most Miles, Single Day	Minneapolis to St. Louis
466	Longest HR (feet)	Michael Morse, WAS - 8/9
348	At Bats, Visitor	
325	At Bats, Home Team	
169	Hits, Total	
140	Gallons of Gas for car	
102.50%	Largest Crowd/Capacity	MIN - 8/10
89	Hits, Visitor	
80	Hits, Home Team	
78.01%	Average Capacity	
60	Bases on Balls, Total	
50	Total Runs, Home Team	
45	Total Runs, Visitors	
40.20%	Smallest Crowd/Capacity	BAL - 8/6
30	Homeruns, Total	
28:54	Hrs:Mins of baseball	
25	Doubles, Total	
18	Doubles, Visitor	
18	Homeruns, Home Team	
15	Most Ks/Game, Pitchers	CHC - 8/9
14	Most Hits/Game, Team	COL - 8/8
14	Stolen Bases, Total	
12	Homeruns, Visitor	
10	Most Runs/Game, Team	COL - 8/8
10	Most Ks/Game, Pitcher	Chris Carpenter, STL - 8/16
9	Stolen Bases, Visitor	
7	Doubles, Home Team	
6	Home Team Wins	
5	Most Hits/Player, Trip	Albert Pujols (2 games), Thome (2 games)
5	Stolen Bases, Home Team	
4.09	Highest Gas Price, Seen	West end of Ohio Turnpike
4	Most Runs/Inning	BAL - 8/6, KAN - 8/13
4	Road Team Wins	
4	Most Hits/Player/Game	Albert Pujols, 8/11
4	Rain Delays		TOR at BAL - 8/6, COL at CIN - 8/8, KAN at CWS - 8/13, MIN at CLE - 8/14 (rained out after 2:55)
3.75	Highest Gas Price, Paid	I-70, Ohio
3.27	Lowest Gas Price, Paid	St. Louis
3.19	Lowest Gas Price, Seen	St. Louis
3	Most team games, Seen	PIT and MIN (though MIN was rained out on 8/14)
3	Fewest Hits/Team/Game	CHC - 8/9
3	Fewest Opposing Fans	Pirates Fans in MIL (other than us)
3	Triples, Total	
2	Most HRs/Player/Game	Seth Smith, Jim Thome
2	Most HRs/Player/Trip	Seth Smith, Jim Thome, Albert Pujols
2	Most Teams/One Player	Delmon Young (Twins 8/14, Traded to Tigers and played against Twins on 8/15)
2	Triples, Home Team	
1	Hall of Famers Met/Trip	Ferguson Jenkins
1	Halls of Fame Visited	NFL, Canton OH
1	Times Car was Dented	STL parking lot
1	Triples, Visitor	
1	Rainouts		MIN at CLE - 8/14
0	Healthy Meals Eaten	Just checking to see if you're still reading.  :)
0	Pulled Over/Speeding	Still checking to see if you're reading.  :)

Final Game

Well, it was definitely a bit too late for me to post last night when we got home, but after getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to get the Pirates and Cardinals game out on the blog.  The first interesting thing at the game was seeing our message on the Pirates text board.  It’s a bit of a bright picture, so the words may not be easy to read, but it says “Our 11th MLB game in 11 days.  Go Bucs!”.

As for the park, the food, the concessions, etc., well, we were at this same stadium 10 days ago, so I won’t repeat myself.  I just had a simple hot dog instead of going to Parmanti’s this time.

Our seats for this game were on the lower level, near the back row, but still a great view of the stadium.  This would have been a good seat for one of the 4 games that we saw with rain delays/postponements during the trip.

As for the game itself, Andrew McCutchen completely misplayed a Matt Holliday hit into a double to help give the Cardinals an early 1-0 lead, but then he came back and hit a huge 3-run homer to give the Pirates a 3-1 advantage.

After the Cardinals tied it up and the score was 3-3 at the end of the 8th inning, this group of 4 decided that it was time to hit the road for the 4 1/2 hour ride home.  So we missed the Cardinals taking the lead in the 9th, the Pirates coming back to tie it up in the bottom of the 9th, and Garret Jones’ game winning homerun that cleared the stadium wall and one-hopped into the Allegheny River to win it in the bottom of the 11th.  Here’s Garret earlier in the game.

I will be posting one more message (maybe two) to wrap up this tour after I put all my thoughts and info together.  It was a blast and I’m so glad that we did it, but it’s also great to be home again with the family.

Game 11

The journey is almost over as we arrive at PNC Park for the second time on this 11 day adventure.
We have had a blast and it’s great to see the Pirates for a third time on the trip. I just hope they can pull out a win in this one after losses to SDG at home and then at MIL last Friday night.
Game 11, let’s get it on!


Football Interruption

We got to Canton at 10:30 this morning. They say to allocate 2 to 2 1/2 hours for your self guided tour. Well, if you only want to see a few things or only look for a specific team, that might be enough time. For us, we were hitting the four hour mark when we left. Hopefully we can get to Cooperstown in the future to compare halls.


Off to Pittsburgh now for the Pirates game tonight.

Begin the Final Day

We were up very early this morning and out of the hotel by 7:15. After a quick breakfast across the street we left for Canton and we should be there at about 10:30.
With all of last night’s excitement about the Thome homerun I forgot to mention a funny incident at the ballpark. As we were on our way out we stopped for a quick break. All of the sudden someone says “Steve” two or three times while looking at me. Then he says “Aren’t you my friend Steve”. I guess I now know where my double lives!
Next post should be after Canton.

Holy Toledo!

Yes, we were here 2 nights ago and now we’re here again in the circumnavigation of the CWS, CLE, DET, PIT games at the end of our trip.  Not only is the headline of this story for the city where we rest tonight, but did I mention that we saw Jim Thome’s historic 600th homerun tonight, 2 at bats after I had posted that it didn’t look good!  Here is the start of THE swing for number 600, the trot around 3rd, stepping on the plate, and part of the celebration.

I thought for sure that meeting Ferguson Jenkins and shaking his hand was going to be the highlight of the trip, but after seeing this homerun, I think it’s going to have to take over the top spot.

Tomorrow:  Radio interview, Canton, Pittsburgh, Home.

Oh, did I mention that I’ll be on the radio again in the morning.  9:10AM on WCHE, 1520AM, West Chester, PA.

We need to get some sleep so we can get out of the hotel by 7:00 in the morning, so I’ll sign off now.  Have a good night and we’ll get some more posts out there tomorrow, hopefully.